Avril Lavigne, Made by me

Something like "Bye for now"

I'll stop posting my stuff here, because I'm really busy. If you want, you can contact me:
 E-mail: niagolova@mail.bg
 Skype: polly_rocks 
 ICQ: 416486229
It doesn't mean I'll stop adding memories and meeting new people. 

Bye for now =)

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Avril Lavigne, Made by me

Tutorial №1

Hello! I just made an icon tutorial. It's really, REALLY simle, but I like the result =)

 - DO NOT post it anywhere else.
 - DO NOT claim it as yours.
 - If you use the tut in your stuff, credit, please! 
 - Enjoy!

From:  To:

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1. Open base. Crop/resize/sharpen.

2. Duplicate layer. Set it to Screen at 30% opacity.

3. Color balance layer.

Midtones: -8; -12; -9
Shadows: -10; -25; -50
Highlights: 0; 0; +10

4. Hue/Suration layer.

Edit: Master
  0;  -11; 0

Edit: Cyans
  0; +25; 0

5. Make new layer (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N). Full with #d4d3fe (light violet) . Set it to Color Burn at 100% opacity.

6. Duplicate your base. Put it to the top and set it to Luminosity at 100% opacity.

7. Make anoter new layer. Full with #fffff (white). Set it to Soft light at 20% opacity.

8. Merge Visible the layers and you're done =). You can add whatever you want now :)

Avril Lavigne, Made by me


Hello! Welcome to my journal! Here I'll post my graphics made with Photoshop CS2. My name is Pavlina, but my nickname is Polly. I'm from Bulgaria. If you add me as a friend be sure I'll add you back =). Hope you'll have great time here!